The Centre for Competition Law and Policy (“CCLP”), NLU Jodhpur,is pleased to invite submissions for Volume VI Issue II of Indian Competition Law Review (“ICLR”).


Changing contours of market regulation – what lies ahead of the big antitrust investigation.


  1. Navigating antitrust issues in digital markets – Regulating anti-competitive conduct of AI, intermediaries, OTT platforms.
  2. Blockchain and competition regulation – Demystifying the anti-competitive nature of smart contracts.
  3. Analyzing the relevance of non-price factors in determining the abuse of dominance by the CCI.
  4. Competition issues in the e-commerce sector – Regulating gatekeeping, unfair contractual terms and exclusive agreements.
  5. Intersection of competition law with other areas of law – navigating concurrence or any potential conflicts.
  6. Way forward for anti-trust enforcement in India – Key takeaways and comparative analysis of the Indian anti-trust regime with respect to foreign jurisdictions

The last date for submission of manuscripts is September 15, 2021. Subject to the outcome of the review process, the manuscript will feature in the upcoming Issue which is scheduled for publication in November, 2021.