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Indian Competition Law Review (ICLR) is an annual, peer-reviewed journal published by the Centre for Competition Law and Policy (CCLP) at National Law University, Jodhpur


National Law University, Jodhpur, one of the premier law schools in India, seeks to promote research and scholarship in specialized fields of law. In pursuance of this broader vision, the Centre for Competition Law and Policy has been established. The Centre for Competition Law and Policy is established as an initiative to promote interdisciplinary research in the field of competition law and policy making. The Centre provides a forum where leading practitioners and academician, scholars and students, can discuss and exchange views on contemporary issues of competition law and policy. As a part of this initiative, the Indian Competition Law Review erstwhile called as (Competition Law Cirque) was launched in 2014. This journal serves as a platform for understanding existing trends as well as setting out new ideas.


Each issue of ICLR covers different topics of interest in the field of competition law as well as latest developments on the policy front of the same. The journal seeks to maintain a balance between practical contributions and academic contributions and accepts submissions from professionals, academicians as well as law students. Every submission undergoes a rigorous blind review process. We invite you to contact us as well as provide your invaluable contribution to the journal.

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